Heterochromatics is embracing Heterochromia’s beauty since Febraury 2017, by giving voice to this colorful genetic mutation. Heterochromatics commitment is an act providing knowledge and igniting the inner power and self-love which are key steps to embrace this perfect imperfection via a supportive and engaged community.

Information, Communication and Support are the fundamentals of Heterochromatics community. Our mission is to enhance the true beauty of a Heterochromatic person, no matter what type of heterochromia you have (complete, segmental, partial, central), if you were born with this specific trait (congenital heterochromia) or it occurred later in life (acquired heterochromia).

Sharing helpful information for a better understanting of heterochromia and connecting people from over 100 countries around the world has become our main mission and biggest achievement so far.

Follow Heterochromatics journey and join the hetereochromia tribe by sharing your vibes.

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July 2019

Celebrate International #HeterochromiaDay in Milano with Heterochromatics

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Internationl HeterochromiaDay

Heterochromatics will celebrate its first International HeterochromiaDay in Milano where the worldwide Heterochromatics community was founded in February 2017.

This event is organized and hosted by @Sweetvitamea founder of Heterochromatics

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