Heterochromatics is spreading awareness, building confidence and self-acceptance among all the two-eyed-colored people that share such magic gift. Motivational support and inspiration drive the #mutantandproud Heterochromatics community every day. Self-acceptance is the most important inner power that we all can nurture. Heterochromatics helps looking at this as a skill that can be practiced versus an innate trait that you either have or don’t.

Do you see yourself different from anyone esle and you are still wondering how to build self-acceptance? Follow Heterochromatics simple rules: accept your perfect imperfection, know your worth and be aware of your uniqueness as a strenght that you have. You were born to stand out!

By following Heterochromatics vision, you’ll end up building the intention to celebrate your inner strengths and shush any unpleasand cyber-bullying or dim the light of day life bullies that buzz around every Heterochromatic.

Together we are stronger.